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Cabo San Lucas Weather

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Come surf with us in Los Cabos, Mexico. Guests stay in a house in downtown Cabo San Lucas.  Accommodations are comfortable, clean, and just steps away to restaurants, marina, and the fun night life that Cabo is famous for.  The house is around the corner from the famous restaurant “Mi Casa”, and two blocks up from “Cabo Wabo”.    Whether you are a pro or just starting out, Cabo Surf Safari offers a fun, affordable, eco-friendly, and easy way to the beach.  You don’t have to surf, you can body board, skim board, or you may just want to go on a beach tour to watch the surf.  All are welcome, kid friendly!   CSS provides lodging, surf tours with continental breakfast, shade, cold water, and snacks at the beach.  Come play in the sun, sand, and surf with us in paradise!

Your Surf Safari begins here!


Waves: Missiones

Missiones also known as Monuments is the local wave in Cabo San Lucas,  ten minutes from la casa ( the house).  This wave can break all year around, but is best March through November.  This is an intermediate to advanced wave.  There is a shallow reef, and a few urchins.  The beach has beautiful sand and water clear blue, with an epic view of the famous arch  at the tip of the Baja.

Waves: Costa Azul

Costa Azul  about 20 miles East from the house in San Jose Del Cabo. There are three point breaks here, good between March and October.  Many restaurants are along this beach. 

  • Zippers - Mostly rights, quick gentle waves. Beginners to advanced. 
  • The Rock -  Two hundread yards up from zippers, mostly rights, but some lefts, better at medium to high tide. Good for beginners to advanced surfers.
  • Acapulquito -  About a hundred yards up from the rock, a long right, and some short lefts, also good for beginners to advanced surfers, great long boarding wave.

Waves: Cerritos

Cerritos is 30 to 45 minutes from the house, on the Pacific. This beginning to advanced wave has a gentle right point, and a beach break with quick lefts and rights.  October through March.

Waves: Eltule

Eltule located between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas, twenty minute drive. This beach break is mostly rights and good for beginners to advanced surfers.  Beautiful sandy beach!

Waves: Estuary

Estuary  10 minutes down the road from Costa Azul.  This beach break  only breaks in the Summer time and is a classic beach break, barrels!  Fun for everyone! Hardly ever a crowd.

Waves: La Curva

La Curva  is about 20 miles West of Cabo on the Pacific side.  Good for intermediate to advanced surfing, due to the current.  Breaks in the Winter months between November and March.

Waves: Pescadero

Pescadero  Just a few minutes up from Cerritos, also breaks between October through March.  Mostly rights, but at times a quick left.  This right point break is great for beginners to advanced surfers.